What is a bypass tray? This is one of the questions I frequently field when visiting clients. So, if this is one of your questions, let’s see if I can answer it for you.

Business Copy Machine Bypass Tray Tips

First, let’s see what a bypass tray looks like. In the image below you can clearly see the bypass tray on the right-hand side of this business copy machine.

Business Copy Machine Tips: Using the Bizhub C360 Bypass Tray Common Sense Business Solutions Santa Rosa

Although most of the business copy machines that we set up for clients in Santa Rosa have a bypass tray feature, it is a feature not realized by many. However, this is a great feature that enables users to print on a wide variety of different paper sizes and/or different types of paper.  For instance, one of our clients is a Realtor’s office who frequently prints specialized post card mailers featuring newly listed homes.  The card-stock paper she uses are pre-printed with their logo and has perforated edges for easily separation prior to mailing.  To print the photo of the newly featured home on the card stock before mailing, it is fed into the business copy machine via the bypass tray of her bizhub.

In another case, a client in the Santa Rosa area has a business copy machine with two paper trays.  In these trays he has letter and ledger size paper.  He also needs to print on a specialty form from the DMV. Each form is numbered and must be accounted for, if one is misprinted by accident he has to submit paperwork explaining what happened to each misprinted form.  He didn’t want to take the risk of running the forms in the regular paper trays. The bypass tray is now configured specifically for those forms, the settings on the tray have been configured so nobody can unknowingly print on that paper.

The key to operating the bypass tray with ease can be made simple

The bypass tray is very specific, the settings from your computer must match the settings on the machine in order for the paper to print seamlessly from the bypass.  If the settings are mismatched the machine will beep and give a pop up window that ask you to override the mismatch.  This override generally results in a paper jam or poor image quality.  If the settings match, the paper will be fed through the machine and image quality will be good.