Walter & Prince LLPIn November 2010 Common Sense Business Solutions had an initial meeting with Walter & Prince LLP, a law office in Healdsburg specializing in OSHA protection, prevention and defense. Walter & Prince was having some challenges with their existing copier and it was not as efficient as they would have liked regarding handling their heavy copying, printing and scanning workload. At the time we initially met, Walter & Prince had approximately a year remaining on their existing copier lease agreement and didn’t think that they had any options in regards to making changes prior to the end of their existing lease term.


Upon completing a thorough review of Walter & Princes copier lease agreement and copier service contract with their current vendor, Common Sense Business Solutions determined that we were able to provide an immediate solution that allowing Walter & Prince to benefit from an early upgrade of their current lease agreement. Not only didn’t Walter & Prince have to pay a penalty to upgrade their current lease a year early, but they were actually able to lower their costs by over $200.00 a month while upgrading to a faster, more efficient machine with a service and support contract that provided a level of support that they were not currently experiencing with their existing vendor.

Additional Benefits

First, Common Sense Business Solutions was able to provide Walter & Prince a rebate check that covered 100% of the funding due on their existing copier lease.

Second, Common Sense Business Solutions assumed all responsibility and cost for shipping Walter & Prince’s current copier back to the location dictated by their lease company.

Third, and maybe the most important of all, the Konica Minolta Bizhub C451 was faster, offered color copy and additional print functionalities, increased paper capacity and greater overall efficiency.


Walter and Prince, LLP has enjoyed a level of personalized, local support that has exceeded their expectations and they have enjoyed $200.00 monthly savings for the past 3+ years.


CSBS received the following testimonial from Walter & Princes Office Manager, Cat Andre:

“My office was not in the market for a copy machine when Common Sense Business Solutions called upon us as we still had approximately one year left on our current lease. We were however, unsatisfied with our dated equipment and they quickly assessed our situation and needs and offered a creative solution. We are very happy with our Bizhub C451 and more importantly, we are very happy and satisfied with the service and professionalism Ross Wiffler and Common Sense Business Solutions has provided.”

Common Sense Business Solutions is a locally owned and operated office equipment dealership with the goal of creating lasting relationships with our neighbors and business partners in Sonoma County while making a positive impact on our community and environment. We use our experience to provide personalized, detailed evaluations that help our clients save money while implementing the most efficient solutions to meet their individual needs.

Walter & Prince, LLP is a Healdsburg based law office dedicated to providing excellent legal advice and representation to its clients in regards to Cal OSHA regulations, laws, investigations, appeals, and impending litigation. Their approach to representation emphasizes working in partnership with their clients.  Walter & Princes goals are to solve their clients’ immediate problems; to address their strategic, long-range concerns; and to be the firm that they turn to in a crisis.