When you are ready to purchase a new copier scanner or if you decide that leasing one would be a better option, you might have a few questions that run through your mind. So, let’s take a look at ten common questions that are asked when purchasing/leasing a copier scanner in Santa Rosa.

Should I buy my business copier or lease one instead?

Copier ScannerWhen deciding on if you want to buy or lease your copier scanner, you will need to figure out what your budget is.  A few things you’ll need to consider before you buy your machine are:

  • The number of copies you will need to produce each month
  • The floor space you have available in your business or office
  • Your budget for your copier scanner
  • The length of the copier’s life that you are going to need
  • The overall cost to maintain the copier scanner (his will include any service and ink needed)

How much will the ink/toner cost for my copier scanner?

If you are going to be using a color copier, it is important to know that they require four cartridges, black and white, cyan, magenta, and yellow. You should consider what your copying needs are going to be before you purchase or lease your copier scanner. Fortunately, most of the ink cartridges can be refilled at a much lower cost than it would be to buy new ones.

What size copier scanner will I need for my business?

Depending on the amount of space in your office, you may be limited to a smaller copier. Also, depending on your print output needs, getting a smaller desktop copier would be better for you until your needs change. If you have more space or even a room that is for copying, then you can splurge for a larger machine.

Do I need a color copier, or will a black and white copier be enough?

If you are going to be creating internal documents for use in the office, then a black and white copier should work. However, if you are going to be creating presentations, brochures, or other marketing materials, then you may want to go with a color copier to save money on the cost of printing services.

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How much memory will I need on my scanner copier?

Most of the copiers you buy or lease have a hard drive that is able to store data while waiting to print.  With a larger hard drive, your machine will be able to store data until you are ready to transfer it, and the machine will be able to store print jobs while the machine is busy. If these are features that you will not be using, then a copier scanner with less memory would work.

What is a good brand for a business copier scanner in Santa Rosa?

There are plenty of good, reliable brands you can choose from. Some of those brands include:

You will need to review and compare the copiers available to make sure that you end up with the machine that is right for your business.

What wireless capabilities will I need?

When looking for a copier scanner in Santa Rosa for your business you will want to make sure that the machine you get has secured wireless capabilities. The copier scanner should be able to be used remotely from any computer on the same internet network.

Should I buy a new or refurbished copier scanner?

Buying new is always something that people like doing because they know their product will work and having something fresh out of the box feels great. However, you may choose to go with a refurbished machine for now. Those will come with some of the same guarantees as a new machine. Make sure that it is refurbished and not just used. A few things to think about when buying refurbished as opposed to used are:

  • You will save money on a copier which is ideal for businesses with smaller budgets.
  • Unlike used copiers, a refurbished model will come with some form of guarantee because it has been serviced by a professional.
  • With a refurbished machine, you will have an idea of how it has been used and what you will be able to expect from it.
  • Since it is a refurbished copier scanner, it will be giving new life to an old machine. This is an eco-friendly way to meet your business needs.

How long will my copier scanner last?

After you have established what your copier needs are going to be, you will then be able to determine how long your copier scanner will last. The longevity of your machine will be determined by a number of factors. You will need to consider these factors before buying or leasing your copier scanner. If you get a machine for smaller amounts of printing, but print more than it was intended for, your copier scanner will breakdown much faster.

Will I need a multifunction copier?

A multifunction copier has the ability to print, scan, copy, and fax. If you will need to use all these features, then it would be a good way to save money by buying a machine that does all these functions. If you are not going to be using all these aspects of a multifunction copier, then you may want to stick with one that has less features to help save on the cost of the copier scanner you purchase.

The bottom line before you buy or lease your scanner copier in Santa Rosa.

With all the features that you must consider before you buy or lease your scanner copier, it is important to do all the research on the products available. If you are not sure on what would be best for your business, contact a professional to answer any questions you may have.