You need a new copier, and you’ve been shopping around. The new ones are so expensive, though, and you’ve discovered an exciting option: refurbished copiers. Refurbished copiers are used copier units that have been revamped and repaired by certified technicians. When you purchase them, the idea is that they work as well as brand new units, without the “brand new” price tag. Refurbished units have been thoroughly cleaned, inspected, and repaired.

That said, though, the copier is not new. So, what’s the deal? Is buying refurbished copiers a smart move? Here’s what you need to know about this popular choice:

When a New Copier Isn’t the Best Idea

Refurbished CopiersThere’s lots to love about the idea of a new copier. The new technology, the guarantee that it will work well, that shiny new ink ribbon smell. It all sounds great. It does come at a price, though.

If you’ve ever shopped new copiers, you may have found yourself flabbergasted by how much they can cost – tens of thousands of dollars for high-quality, high-end models. And if you’re like many companies, you don’t have that cash to spend. You want to save money, after all!

When you find yourself in this place, it’s smart to start looking for used copiers to see what your options are there.

The Drawbacks of Used Copiers

Before we talk about this, let’s keep in mind that there is a significant difference between “used” and “refurbished” copiers. True, used copiers are typically sold as-is.

This means they don’t come with any repair or quality guarantees, and that they usually have not been evaluated by a professional. Additionally, you have more cause to be wary of used copiers than you do refurbished copiers.

If a business is going out of business and selling used office equipment, for example, they may get rid of their used tech at a fraction of the cost of what it was new. Purchasing these units is a risky choice, though. After all, how can you be sure it won’t jam all the time, or that it won’t break down as soon as you get it back to your office? How do you know how much use or abuse a used unit has unless you hire a professional to evaluate it?

Copier Repair

Before you invest in any used copier, you should ask yourself the following questions:

  • How do you know it works? Can you be sure?
  • Is the seller willing to offer any guarantee?
  • Has the copier been professionally refurbished at any point? If it has been, it is a much safer investment than a standard used copier
  • Are you saving enough money to justify the used purchase
  • Does it have the features and functions you need
  • Is it a recognizable brand, which will make it easy to purchase and find toner, ink, and parts?

If the answers to most of the above questions are “yes,” the used copier may be an acceptable choice.

What About Refurbished Copiers?

Finally, we consider the refurbished copiers. You can also buy refurbished laptops and phones, but copiers are very popular. These are used copiers that have gotten some professional attention. Here are a few things to love about refurbished copier options:

  • You’ll save money. Refurbished copiers are much more affordable than their new counterparts. This makes them a smart idea for cash-strapped companies looking to invest in tech, or for people who want to get a great copier at a high price.
  • Peace of mind. Unlike used copiers, most refurbished models come with some form of guarantee. Because they’ve received professional service, they might have a quality guarantee or a service warranty. No matter what it might be, this warranty will help you rest assured that you’ve gotten a quality model you can rely on.
  • More information. With a refurbished copier, you have more information about what it is, where it came from, how hard it’s been used, and what you can expect from it. You won’t get a refurbished copier that breaks down as soon as you place it in the office. This affords a considerable peace of mind for anyone who invests in one.
  • Eco-Friendly. Refurbished copiers give new life to old units, rather than filling landfills with still-working copiers nobody wants. Because of this, it’s an eco-friendly way to invest in new tech. It’s a decision the whole office can feel good about!

Should You Buy Refurbished Copiers?

Buying a used copier is always less risky than buying a used one. That said, it’s also always more expensive. If you’re interested in purchasing a refurbished copier, you’ll want to keep your source in mind. While most refurbished copiers come with some quality or repair guarantee, you’ll equip yourself with an extra layer of security if you buy from a certified dealer or another copier expert. These organizations understand copiers and will take pride in selling quality, refurbished models.

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