Small businesses need to focus on mission-critical tasks. You need the printer to work—not someone to work on the printer. Beyond the infamous paper jams and low ink errors, your printer or copier might stop working at any moment due to any of the confusing error codes that pop up.

Just like having a plumber on-call to fix a leak, you need a printer repair service that can show up in a timely manner and get those copies churning out again.

Whether you have a color photo printer for marketing materials or a laser copier that gets used all day, we can help. We make emergency printer repairs in just a few hours or less, and we can even schedule routine service for toner delivery and parts replacements.

Find a Local Printer Repair Specialist

Printer Repair Service

Look for a printer repair service that comes to you. There’s no need to load your large equipment in a van and take it away to a repair center. You don’t even have to wait for days to get an appointment time. Go local for printer repair, and you’ll enjoy fast and personal service just like you’d want for any other repairs.

Just as importantly, businesses can expect faster service and longer-lasting solutions when they hire a printer repair specialist in Santa Rosa as opposed to a “nerds for hire” type of service. The guys who install data servers are tech savvy, but they are not printer and copier specialists.

Here’s how we serve Santa Rosa with the best local printer repair services:

  • Average response time of about 2 hours
  • Vehicles stocked with all common parts for all major brands
  • Talk to a human on our staff, not a call center
  • Master Technician on staff
  • Friendly, personable, helpful team

Automatically Schedule Service for Printer Replacement Parts

We all know that ink and toner cartridges can print a certain number of pages. Did you know that many printer and copier parts also have a predictable lifespan? The paper feed slot, the ink roller, the fuser unit, and other critical parts might seem to give out randomly, but in fact we can anticipate when to replace printer parts.

Using print management software such as FMAudit, your repair company can receive automated reports about your printer and copier data. It’s secure and private—we just see stats like number of pages printed in color or black and white. When you need toner or a replacement part, we can schedule service at a convenient time.

Tired of being unable to make copies while you wait for a printer repair? Then print management software is the solution.

Copier Repair

Insist on OEM Printer Parts and Supplies

Everybody likes to save money by purchasing store-brand groceries that taste just like the famous brand. However, the same principle does not hold true when considering OEM ink and toner and printer parts as opposed to compatible or remanufactured options.

Compatible ink and toner cartridges are only compatible in that they physically fit the equipment. They tend to produce lower quality and increase the chances of printer failure because they are not optimized to work with printer heads or photoreceptor drum. In other words, the ink might look good but it can cause other parts to fail.

For other printer parts, the after-market options are also made with inferior parts and imperfect design. Manufacturers have patents and copyrights for their parts. Sticking with OEM printer parts for repairs means that everything will continue working as it should.

Common Sense Business Solutions only uses OEM parts, and we carry parts and supplies for all top brands including Konica Minolta, Epson, HP, Brother, Canon, Pitney Bowes, Lexmark, and Sharp.

Common Printer Repairs

Our motto is Copiers That Work™. Every business needs a printer, copier, and scanner that does its job on command. Not only that, but you also need to be able to switch between different paper sizes, color and mono printing, printing from mobile devices, and all kinds of other tasks—without having to worry about printer jams, crumpled paper, ghost prints, or low-quality copies.

Don’t let fixing a printer become a full-time job for you or your office manager. Schedule a quick visit from your Santa Rosa printer repair service so you can stay productive with the tools you need.

Common problems we solve for multifunction printers and business copiers include:

  • Printer jams constantly: We can replace the paper feed rollers, check the paper settings, and troubleshoot a jammed printer.
  • Poor print quality: Do prints and copies look faded, fuzzy, or light? Do you see white lines or stray marks? We know our way around both inkjet and laser printers of all types. You might just need a new cartridge or drum unit, but it could be a problem with other internal parts.
  • Smudges and smears: Laser printers rely on a fuser unit that heats up and allows the toner to adhere to the page. The fuser might need repair or replacement if you aren’t getting dry prints.
  • Incorrect low ink or toner message: If you’re getting an error message that says you need to replace the ink or toner even though the cartridge has recently been replaced, you might just need to turn off the printer and your computer and reboot. But we might need to replace a drum unit and troubleshoot further. Note: this error often pops up when using non-OEM ink or toner, so only use the real stuff.
  • Printer won’t connect to WiFi: Our printer repair technicians are also fluent in network printing and wireless printing. We can troubleshoot your network settings and make sure all software and drivers are up to date.
  • Overheated printer: High temperatures (or low temperatures) can prevent a printer or copier from working at all. You might see alerts about high temp, warm-up error, or an open fuser. The fuser should last for tens of thousands of prints, but might wear out sooner if you’ve had lots of paper jams or other physical malfunctions.
  • Resolving printer error codes: Even if you can look up what a particular error message means, it might not be clear how to fix it. Some error codes describe the problem but do not point to a particular solution. Let our printer repair technicians troubleshoot and get rid of printer error codes.

Full-Service Printer Repair in Santa Rosa, CA

The next time you’re ready to pull your hair out trying to fix a printer or copier, call Common Sense Business Solutions instead. We’re devoted to empowering our clients with fast response times, expert printer troubleshooting and repair, and quality service that improves your bottom line.

Schedule a service request or call us at (707) 528-2151 for commercial printer repair in Santa Rosa, Petaluma, Healdsburg, Rohnert Park, and the surrounding area.