Many companies have a single multi-functional copier machine that serves a variety of end users and departments, where each user or department is responsible for their portion of the costs associated with copying and printing. There is an easy and effective way to cost out the usage or prints and copies by individual employee, department or project or virtually any other way that you want to track usage and costs. One initiative for businesses is to increase productivity within budget.


Budgeting Tips

It’s a pretty simple and easy solution that you can utilize with virtually all of the business copier machines that are available on the market today. When you are having your copier machine installed have your copier installation provider setup Account Tracking Codes. These codes are generally 3-6 digit numeric codes each of which can be assigned to any individual, department or project. Once you have assigned the numeric tracking codes the copy machine will require a valid code to be entered by anyone looking to use the machine.

Any copies, scans, faxes or prints will be tracked by each code and once a month you can print out a list of the usage that will be segmented under each user’s account code. The report will break down the usage by the volume of color copies, black copies, color prints, black prints, color scans and black scans and will also show you a total of any pages printed or copied in both color and black. In taking this report one step further, many copier companies can help you with an Excel Spreadsheet that you can import the Account Tracking List into. You can also program dollar values for each black print and each color print and have the spreadsheet provide total costs of usage for each individual code. This serves as an excellent internal control tool.

In addition to tracking usage the Account Tracking feature will also allow you to create separate permissions for each individual account code. As an example you can give a code to users in the accounting department that allow them to print and copy in black and white but does not allow them to make color copies or prints. You could then provide permissions to the codes in the marketing or advertising departments that allow full color copying and printing functionality. The Account Tracking feature is a great way for your company to control and track copy and printing expenses from your color copier machine. Contact us your local copier company to help you setup account tracking codes and you’ll never again have to wonder “who is making all of those color copies?”