Most businesses are familiar with the basics when it comes to leasing a copier. Almost every copier lease, is a way for the customer or lessee  to bring a multifunctional copier machine into their office with no money out of pocket, by agreeing to a stream of monthly payments. The term of a copier lease is generally 3-5 years depending on the customer’s preference. Please note that the longer the lease term, the lower the monthly payment. There are some very interesting and potentially helpful variations available through most copier lease companies. This is especially if the customer is in an industry with seasonal cash flow fluctuations or if the company is expecting to grow. See some of the options listed below to determine if one of these tools might be a good fit for your business the next time you lease a copier machine.

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Flex Lease for Seasonal Businesses

If your business is in an industry where cash flow fluctuates based on seasons then you may benefit by considering a Seasonal Flex Lease. A Flex lease agreement can be structured so that rather than having a consistent payment each month out of the year the lease can offer an adjusted payment schedule where you pay less in your “low usage months” and pay more during the months when your usage is higher. For example; rather than having a lease that requires a $200.00 payment each month of the year there is an ability to schedule a flex lease with a $100.00 payment during the six months of the year when your business is slower and a $300.00 a month payment when your company is in the busy season to better accommodate cash flow during the year.

Step Lease for Growing Businesses

If your business is a newer company that plans on experiencing growth in the coming years you might well benefit from a Step Lease. This type of lease agreement can offer you a lower monthly payment in the first 1 or 2 years of the lease and can ramp up your payment in the latter years of your lease as your business income grows. For example, rather than having a 5 year lease with a fixed payment of $200.00 a month you can setup a Flex Lease that offers a $100.00 a month payment in months 1-30 and a $300.00 a month payment in months 31-60. This type of lease can accommodate the cash flow of a business as revenues grow.

Deferred Payment Lease

If your business would benefit from deferring your lease payment for several months than a Deferred Payment Lease may be a good fit. This type of lease is especially popular with companies that are moving their office or facilities when there is a lot of capital being spent on the move. When moving to a new office you might well decide that you want to lease a copier machine for the new office and you might also benefit from deferring all costs until after the move has been completed. Rather than start your lease payments on the month the copier is delivered use a deferred payment lease. This allows you to make no down payment and defer your first monthly payment for as much as 120 days.

For more information on these or any types of programs available to lease a copier machine, contact us to find out  what would be the best fit to match your specific needs.