Don’t get stressed or stuck with devices that decrease your productivity. Introducing the Konica Minolta C550 a revolutionary multifunctional device that was designed to effectively manage insane workloads effortlessly. With brilliant and innovative features this machine is not only built for high speed printing/copying but it functions to produce super high quality products as well.

The Konica Minolta C550 Gives You Flexibility and Versatility

Konica MinoltaEquipped with a full colour, 8.5-inch display and a touch screen with tilting and rotating capabilities the Konica Minolta C550 carries an impressive multi-copy speed of 55 ppm in black and white and 45 ppm in color. The screen also enables thumbnail options on individual jobs in the user box which allows easy duplication or recall of tasks.

In addition to this the Konica Minolta C550 has been formulated with unique fusing technology which permits low temperature fusing, reduces energy consumption and produces less paper curl more so than traditional printers carrying fusing features.

Get Impeccable Scans 

The Konica Minolta C550 can also do some pretty impressive things as it relates to the scanning of documents or images. This model features a new slit scan technology that permits the scanning of original documents at a rate of up to 70 colour or mono sheets per minute with a 300 DPI resolution.

In more simple terms the Konica Minolta C550 provides high speed, high quality and the accurate scanning of documents. What’s more is that scans can be sent externally via email, to an FTP server or to a personal folder on a desktop.

Enjoy Convenient Options and Reliable Performance 

With the Konica Minolta C550 people can enjoy the convenience of working with a number of different finishing options to provide the highest quality. These options include: saddle stitching, sorting, stapling as well as two and four hole punching capabilities. This helps to reduce time spent documents preparation making for a more efficient workflow.

Additionally people automatically upgrade to a true colour system without incurring additional black and white printing costs when they cop the Konica Minolta C550. This device ultimately  serves as the perfect replacement for older analogue copiers and first generation multifunctionals since they increase potential to produce higher volumes of documents with the best quality results.

Increasingly popular for its extraordinary performance and remarkable results businesses can gain tremendously by procuring the Konica Minolta C550. It’s dependable, affordable and gets the job done. So invest in the Konica Minolta C550 it’s the trusted, preferred, recommendation for any printing machine.


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