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Go Paperless with Konica Minolta Document Scanning

Going paperless at your business doesn’t mean you’ll never make or need tangible copies of important booklets, documents, or papers again. It doesn’t mean you’ll never need or use your copy machine again. It does mean, however, that all those stacks and files and folders of papers, receipts, memos, and notes you’ve stored for years can now be scanned and then (finally) shredded and recycled. And, it does mean that all the new incoming receipts, papers, and documents can be immediately scanned and electronically filed without having to sit in a stack on your desk for 6 months first. Going paperless with a copier scanner enables you to transform your office filled with paper-packed filing cabinets, plastic bins, or cardboard boxes into a highly-organized, efficient, and streamlined operation where finding that exact document you need is super quick and super stress-free. Thanks to Konica Minolta’s various Bizhub copier scanner options, going paperless has never been so easy; here’s why:

Konica Minolta provides the perfect equipment for scanning.

Whichever multi-function, multi-feature Bizhub copier scanner from Konica Minolta you choose, you can rest assured knowing that its high-quality scanning feature was designed and manufactured by the industry leader in providing the perfect copier scanner for each particular company’s needs. Some businesses have warehouses of filing cabinets, client records, receipts, bookkeeping records, and other important data accumulated over decades; other companies have countless folders — each brimming over with papers. Whatever the size of your business scanning needs, your copier scanner should be able to handle various advanced processing features, including high-quality document imagining, image enhancement, data identification, easy retrieval, flexible network scanning suitable for various applications, multiple transmission methods, and transmission of data to one or multiple addresses and destinations. Konica Minolta provides all that.

Konica Minolta scanners make it easy, exciting, and fun!

At first glance, looking at all the paperwork you’ve accumulated through the years can seem overwhelming. With a dependable, user-friendly Konica Minolta copier scanner in-house, however, it can make tackling that goal of going paperless easy, exciting, (and even fun)! It’s easy because you don’t have to be technologically inclined to operate the copier scanner feature on your BizHub; with a little bit of practice, you’ll be able to scan documents while simultaneously drinking coffee or talking to a co-worker! It’s exciting because you know you will be de-cluttering your space and become highly-organized and minimalistic — never wanting to accumulate stacks of stuff again. With all that new paperless space you’ll have, you can finally install that saltwater aquarium, add a table and chairs for your staff to gather, or simply have a view through that window that’s been blocked for so long. It’s fun because you can set goals for yourself (or your assigned staff) on how many scanned files (or sub-files) can be created in a day; you can even change file names if you find you want to make them more specific or more general.

Konica Minolta scanners enable you to scan to multiple locations.

Your scanned original data can go lots of places simultaneously or at different times. While initially you may simply want a copier scanner so that you can go paperless, the scanning feature will also enable you to save time by allowing you to scan to multiple destinations beyond a file folder. The scanned document can be sent to:

  • Any email address or as an email attachment
  • Any shared folder of a computer
  • The FTP server
  • The WebDAV server
  • To a User Box on the machine
  • To a file to be imported from a computer on the network
  • To a scan server

Konica Minolta makes scanning more efficient than ever with the ability to scan both sides of an original in a single pass and scan speeds in excess of 80 pages a minute.

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