Printing is a critical function for virtually any retail business. That much is concrete. How each company approaches that printing, though, is flexible. At the end of the day, that approach impacts key metrics like cost, effectiveness, and turnaround time. Each of these variables, then, impacts productivity, workflow, and ROI. Due to this, many retail companies choose to work with managed print services to fulfill their print needs.

By choosing a print solution that works nicely with your organization’s needs and requirements, you can improve the productivity and bottom line of your brand.

Here’s what you need to know.

Managed Print Services Make Sense – Here’s Why

Managed Print ServicesFor some managers, considering print options seems like a tedious and endless task. When you look at the numbers, though, it’s immediately clear why thinking hard about printing options is so important:

  • Almost 90% of companies don’t track their print costs
  • Most companies spend about 5-15% of their revenue on document costs
  • The average IT department spends 15% of its time identifying and resolving  printing issues
  • Supplier agreements can reduce operating costs 20-30%

Managed print services stand to streamline many of these issues. A unique program provided by print providers, managed printing allows a print company to manage every aspect of a company’s printing devices, including their copiers, faxers, scanners, and printers.

Managed Print Services vs. Other Print Solutions

Here’s a brief on the benefits and alternatives to managed print services:

  • Retailer Printing. If you’d like, you can buy printing equipment directly from a local retailer. This means decisions like how many devices you need and where to place them are all up to you. While this is a labor-intensive process, it works for some people.
  • Managed Print Services. Managed print services allow you to enter into a relationship with a print provider who is an end-to-end expert in print environment optimization and management. Not only do you get enhanced service and optimization with this approach, but you also get ongoing support, management, and maintenance for your print solutions. It’s a simpler solution for most companies.
  • Commercial Printing. If your print projects are few and far between, you can bring them into a commercial printing house. The company will then print your documents on their machines. This is an incredibly expensive way to access print services and isn’t a good option for anything but very occasional needs. The upside is that you don’t have to own or manage printing equipment to use this approach.

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6 Significant Benefits of a Managed Print Service

Now that you understand the definitions of each different print option, here are a few of the largest benefits of using a managed print service:

  • Professional analysis of your printing needs. Left to your own devices, you’re very likely to print too little or too much for a given project. When you have a professional team behind you, though, they’ll analyze your print project to make sure you get the right quantity and quality.
  • Fewer onsite printers. If you’re trying to reduce clutter, cost, or maintenance, cutting your onsite printers is a great solution. With managed print services, you don’t need to keep a fleet of printers in-house. This means less headache for you and better outcomes for your projects. (It also means you don’t have to perform copier maintenance on your own!)
  • Streamlined workflow. Managed print services don’t get in the way of your workflow. In fact, they optimize and improve it, making it easier for you to get things done and move quickly on projects.
  • Automated delivery. Managed print programs automate the process of supply delivery, meaning you’ll never run out of toner or ink again. This cuts equipment downtime and means you can use your brainpower for better things.
  • Increased predictability. Managed print programs allow you to consolidate printing costs and work exclusively with a few vendors. This, in turn, means it’s easier for you to plan your monthly print budget and avoid unpredictable costs.
  • Professional assistance. Get professional, expert-level input on your printing projects with the help of a managed print services provider. Whether you need input on remote printing or paper quality, these professionals can help.

Managed Print Services are the Best Option for 2024

If you don’t want to spend a ton of time or money thinking about your print services, managed solutions are right for you. Simple, efficient, and user-friendly, these are a great way to get professional printing at affordable prices.

For more information on managed print services, contact our team today. We’ll answer any questions you might have and help you understand why this solution can work so well for your business!