Many factors contribute to the cost of copier rental.

Two separate surveys completed for Brother International, by Wakefield Research and InfoTrends, say corporate reliance on printers and devices that combine printing, scanning, and other functions is alive and well.

According to Wakefield’s survey, nearly three in four (73 percent) of business owners and decision-makers at companies with 500 employees or fewer use their printing devices at least four times daily.

The average company spends nearly $35,000 annually on printing, with the amount varying by industry. According to InfoTrends, a hypothetical company handling 5,000 printed pages per month will spend, on average, more than $27,000 on printed-document management.

According to Keypoint Intelligence, 90 percent of companies fail to track their printing costs. This means many organizations are missing out on the significant savings associated with print costs and environment management.

Equipping your business in the digital age still means printed documents, and there are a multitude of multifunction printers (MFPs) available to help you do this. So how much should you expect to prepare your company to efficiently and effectively communicate?

We have already discussed that there is no one, simple, easy answer to the question of what kind of MFP you need, so it stands to reason that there is no one simple answer to the question of how much it will cost. Copier rental is far more economical than buying, but how much can you expect to spend?


Copier Leases are Built Around 7 Different Considerations

How Much Should You Be Spending on Copier Rental?

Making copies is a given, but today’s digital printers are referred to as MFPs for a reason. The modern office requires more than basic copy functions. MFPs can send emails, send scans through the network to secure folders on any drive, edit documents directly from their interface, even sort content during a bulk scan. These functions require multiple components, all of which add to cost.


1. Dollar Value of the Equipment

Configuring the right MFP for your company can add to the overall cost of the device.

    • Finishers: staplers or corner folders; a necessity for most offices that does not come standard on many machines
    • Hole Punch: most are available in single or triple whole punches depending on what is required by the user
    • Letter Folding: