As a small business owner or manager, you hear a lot of buzzwords like agility and scalability. These ideas ring true when thinking about the actual equipment around your office. The best copiers for small business take up little space, speed up your productivity, and even help your business grow.

Like your best employee, the right small business copier doesn’t mind being asked to handle various tasks. One day you need twenty copies of a fifty-page report, the next day you need a hundred color brochures.

We like to keep in mind that you’re not just interested in the best copiers for small business, you need the best copier for your business in particular.

What Determines the Best Copiers for Small Business?

Best Copiers for Small BusinessSmall businesses make up more than 98% of all businesses. Common Sense Business Solutions understands that each organization we help will have different needs and goals.

Many of the best copiers for small business have high-tech features like employee access code or biometric recognition for organizations that need to be concerned with security.

Other products are geared towards small business marketing. A restaurant or winery in Sonoma can use a color copier to print their own menus, while a local service provider can make holiday cards or personalized mailers to thank their customers.

When looking for the best copiers for small business, let’s start with your real-life tasks. Talk to us about how you want to use the darn thing. Then, we’ll be able to assess the features and specs that are most important to you:

  • Color or B&W copiers
  • Copy/print speed in ppm
  • Print quality in dpi
  • Paper types (card stock, legal, ledger, etc.)
  • Duplex printing
  • Sorting, folding, and stapling
  • Network printing
  • OCR scanning
  • Fax capability

Copier Repair

Our Best Copiers for Small Business in Santa Rosa

We carry multifunction printers and copiers from Konica Minolta BizHub. There’s an option for every budget and every type of company. Our satisfied clients find the best copiers for small business by identifying their main objective:

  • “I need a color copier but not a lot of bells and whistles.” We’ll look at options like the Bizhub C3351 or the C3851FS. These have more than enough speed and print high-quality color copies.
  • “I just need a fast business copier for black-and-white printing.” The Bizhub 558 series can print up to 55 pages per minute with long-lasting toner cartridges. The perfect all-in-one printer for use as a traditional office copier.
  • “I want a color copier that can handle all my print jobs in-house.” The Bizhub C358 and C458 are two of the best copiers for small business marketing materials like color brochures and stapled booklets.

Konica Minolta makes high-quality equipment that lasts longer and works more reliably than the all-in-one-printers you’ll find at a big box store. When you have a local dealer to help you choose the best copiers for small business, you also have an easy source for toner refills and copier service.

Contact us to discuss what your printing and copying workflow, and we’ll help you choose from the best copiers for small business—tailored to what you and your staff need.