ISO 15408 Certification: Konica Minolta Common Sense Business Solutions Santa Rosa CAMany people have never heard an ISO Standard or Certification.  Basically, International Standards give world-class specifications for products, services and systems, to ensure quality, safety and efficiency. Over 19,000 International Standards have been published covering almost every industry, from technology, healthcare, food safety and agriculture.

Just to give you a little history, the ISO story began in 1946 when delegates from 25 countries met at the Institute of Civil Engineers in London.  During that meeting they decided to create a new international organization ‘to facilitate the international coordination and unification of industrial standards’.  The ISO officially began operations in February 1947.  Today there are members from 162 countries and 3,368 technical bodies to take care of standard development. More than 150 people work full time for ISO’s Central Secretariat in Geneva, Switzerland.

How the process works is an ISO standard is developed by a panel of experts who create a technical committee.   Once the need for a standard has been established, these experts meet to review and negotiate a draft standard. As soon as the committee develops a draft it’s shared with ISO’s members who are asked to comment and vote on it. If a consensus is reached the draft becomes an ISO standard, if not it goes back to the technical committee for further edit.

ISO 15408 is a specific standard developed for Information Technology Security Techniques.

It establishes the general concepts and principles of IT security evaluation and specifies the general model of evaluation given by various parts of ISO/IEC 15408 which in its entirety is meant to be used as the basis for evaluation of security properties of IT products.

Konica Minolta takes ISO 15408 certification seriously, they believe that ensuring a high level of security for their products sets MFPs apart from other brands. Konica Minolta strives to be on the leading-edge of technology.  These standards position their products ahead of competitors in areas like research, development and the implementation of exclusive measures covering a wide range of security concerns. Konica Minolta has focused on certifying their full line of MFPs.  As a leader in IT technology, Konica Minolta sees it as their duty to provide highly reliable security features by possessing the know-how to make it possible.  Many of their certified products are listed below: