Big Christmas in-house print marketing projects will definitely increase the amount of materials you print this time of year, so it’s necessary that you find a simple solution that will print fast and in high quality. Common Sense Business Solutions offers both new and used copier leasing and our plans are the best in Santa Rosa. We give you the options you want, including training as well as repair and maintenance.

Copier Leasing the Perfect Solution

Copier LeasingAcquire the equipment you need that is affordable and easy to use. Copier leasing offers a flexible payment cycle and with all the other expenses you may have especially during the holiday season this option gives you the opportunity to supply your business with the copier it needs. Payments are made in a series of fixed installments for more convenience and flexibility.

Don’t break the bank this holiday season! Create exquisite promotional material such as Christmas cards and send them to customers and clients. This is a great way to say ‘thank-you’ to those who have supported your business all year round.

Reclaim Everything You Spend- Copier Leasing Offers Great Tax Benefits?

Businesses can also reap enormous tax benefits when they lease a copier. How? Well typically copier leasing is classified as a cost- deductible business expense which essentially reduces the overall net cost of obtaining a copier for a business.

When you purchase a copier at cash price you are eligible to claim 40% of the copier purchase price against tax in the first year however, if you opt to use copier leasing you could avoid paying the full cost for the copier upfront,  and still be able to reclaim everything paid out monthly, quarterly or annually on taxes. So in a nutshell you get the equipment you need and still get your money back.

Remember copier leasing is the perfect way to stay efficient this holiday season and at the same time save extra cash. Why get stressed trying to handle insane workloads with inefficient or outdated equipment when you could utilize copier leasing and make everything easy.


Get Affordable Copier Leasing Plans This Holiday Season

In urgent need of a copier for your business? Look us up at Common Sense Business Solutions you’re sure to find what you need. Copier leasing can be easy and convenient with great customer service from Common Sense Business Solutions. With our affordable rates and unique plans, we can get you a copier that’s just right for you. 

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