While efficiency in the workplace is a top priority for most businesses, it can be hard to create in areas such as printing. Efficient printing procedures require you not only to have a high level of knowledge about how your printer works, but also the time to implement and monitor solutions to increase productivity. Many owners and managers simply have too much on their plates to tackle printing efficiency. This is where managed print services can help. Managed print services, or MPS, allow you to delegate your printing needs to an expert from your copier company. Handing these tasks off to an outside person not only frees up time for you to focus on your business, it can boost your productivity and efficiency in myriad ways.

Finding the right equipment

Managed-Print-Services-For-Efficient-Printing-common-sense-business-solutions-CAIn order to do a job well, you need the right tools. One of the first tasks that a managed print services expert will undertake is to do a full evaluation of all of your printers/copiers and connected devices. They can help you streamline your fleet of copiers by making sure all devices are properly connected to your network, reducing the need for multiple printing machines in different areas of the office. Another task for managed print services is to determine whether the printers you have are the right ones for your business. If your current printer is too slow or has outdated features, it can make big projects incredibly frustrating. On the other hand, if your current copier has more bells and whistles than necessary, you’re probably wasting money. MPS can help you find the perfect balance.

Managing printing jobs and reducing waste

Many businesses only have a vague idea of how much paper, toner, and other consumables they use while printing. Managed print services can help you dissect your printing jobs to determine which departments or employees are printing the most. This will allow you to determine if there are ways to reduce the amount that needs to be printed. Managed print series can also help you establish settings that limit printing, which will save you money in the long run. In addition, it can help you configure your print settings to maximize toner and save paper. Most importantly, MPS can teach you and your staff all of the tricks to use your printer effectively.

Limiting downtime

There seems to be a rule that your copier always breaks down at the worst possible time. Managed print services can help you avoid this frustration by providing routine preventative maintenance on your copier. Updates to firmware and regular replacement of belts and other parts can also help. MPS can also monitor your devices for error messages or other warning signs that a big breakdown may be imminent. If a breakdown does occur, MPS will be there to fix your machine and get you back on track.

Eliminating inventory woes

How much money and space are you using in the form of back-up toner or ink cartridges? Most businesses aim to keep at least one back-up cartridge for each printer in their office. If you have multiple devices, this can quickly add up to a large amount of money being tied up in unused toner. When MPS streamlines your printer fleet, one goal is to limit devices to a single brand and model. This allows you to purchase only one type of cartridge rather than multiple different types.

Managed print services are an excellent tool for busy business owners or managers. They help free up your time and the time of your IT department to focus on more pressing business matters. Contact us for a consultation on your printing needs.