Most companies rely on outside commercial printing companies to produce their printed marketing materials. This can be a sound strategy for companies that require several thousand printed pieces but even then it’s worth noting that approximately 75% of all commercially printed marketing materials are never used because the pieces become obsolete and outdated before they are ever distributed. The price per piece for commercially printed materials can initially seem attractive but if you are only using 20% of what you pay for than it’s worth asking what is the actual price per piece for the materials that are actually used?

Still, it’s worth noting that if you plan to print 1,000+ of the same marketing piece than outsourcing that print job to a commercial printer is likely your most cost effective solution. This still leaves us with the question; what about those companies that need high quality, printed materials but don’t have need for more than a few hundred pieces or less? There are some great options available to produce professional quality marketing materials in your own office by using a high quality, small business copier such as the Konica Minolta Bizhub models. Most of the Konica Minolta Bizhub models and many other competitive brands offer the following capabilities that can help you create cost effective, high quality marketing materials in your own office. This is not only convenient but it allows companies to produce marketing materials based on whatever volume is needed without the motivation to print more than needed which will help to eliminate materials from becoming obsolete and outdated.


Did you know your office copier likely offers the following features;

  1. Print sell sheets and brochures on glossy card stock often in excess of 100lb paper weights
  2. Paginate and print booklets of up to 80 pages with automatic folding and  saddle stapling
  3. Store marketing pieces with all print settings to be recalled and re-printed directly from the machine.
  4. Print postcards for pennies a piece on heavy, glossy card stock
  5. Print thank you cards and invitations with customized, saved messages

Contact your copier account representative to find out how to utilize these features on your existing office copier and start saving money on your marketing materials today.