We’re all aware of how much technology continues to grow but few people recognize how far your business color copying system has come.

Today, we’re not just providing faster scanning speeds, better image quality, automatic booklet creation, letter tri-fold, and the ability to print on a wider variety of media.

The “old school” mainstays of the office environment can help automate and streamline daily tasks, integrate cloud services, barcode, create OCR’d searchable documents, serve as an air traffic controller, and give access the marketplace gateway on the web.


10 Technological Advancements in Copiers

Shown below are just a sample of technological advancements that you may want to consider the next time you’re looking to purchase or lease a color copy machine.

1. Automatic Virus Protection

The current generation of color copying systems offer the ability to scan transmitted and printed information to protect you from viruses and malware.

2. OCR Text Recognition and Creation

Most color copiers have the ability to OCR (Optical Character Recognition) documents as they’re being scanned resulting in searchable and even editable PDF files.

3. Automated Dispatch for Service and Supply Needs

Color copier users no longer need to pick up the phone to order toner or notify their copier service provider when their machine is in need of service. Most color copying systems today have the ability to stay connected to the service provider and pro-actively send notifications when vital supplies and components are nearing life end allowing copier service providers to proactively avoid pending downtime. Additionally, many providers such as industry leader Konica Minolta offer systems that can automatically update firmware, print drivers, and send meter reports all of which enhance a touchless service dynamic so valuable in today’s world.

4. Encrypted Scans with Password Protection

The documents we scan into PDF files frequently contain vital and often confidential information that needs to be protected. Color copying systems of today have the ability to create encrypted and password-protected PDF files as they’re being scanned thus providing a layer of protection when sharing these PDF files outside of your immediate network via email, Dropbox or other platforms of online file sharing. 

5. Biometric Authentication

Much of the most sensitive and confidential information we work with the marketplace today finds itself printed and scanned on the office copier at some point in the document lifecycle and it may be important to determine who is printing what and when.

Many color copy machines of today have finger vein scanning which can dictate users “login” to use the machine by having the biometric scanner confirm and track who is using the machine and has the ability to track usage dynamics, how many pages each user prints and can even limit which machine capabilities each user has access to.

6. Air Cleaning Units

Many color copiers today offer the optional capability to add an air-cleaning unit to improve indoor air quality by reducing emissions.

7. Serving as an intuitive access point to the web’s marketplace

Color copy machines today have large, intuitive touchscreen control panels that are directly linked to the web and can create connections to the programs and applications you use and even have the ability to share these one-touch connections with multiple devices over your network.

8. Connection to Handheld Wireless Devices

Most every color copying system today has the ability to seamlessly connect to smartphones and tablets allowing end-users to print emails, photos, and files without ever accessing a computer.

9. Convert Incoming Faxes into PDF files

today’s color copy machines still have the ability to print incoming faxes but with today’s models, users have the option to have incoming faxes converted to PDF files and automatically route to an email address or a folder on their network.

10. Eco Settings

Many color copying systems today over Eco settings that use lower heat to fuse toner and weight detection sensors that combine to lower energy consumption and paper waste.

Furthermore, there is a major emphasis on longer life consumables and parts that use fewer materials, less packaging, and thus lower the negative impact on the environment.


Common Sense Business Solutions Can Meet Your Copying Needs

The innovations shown above represent a fraction of the technological innovations that separate color copy machines of today from the purely mechanical machines of yesteryear.

Modern copying systems serve as the business hub for large companies serving as the vehicle that facilitates the entire document workflow within every size of business.

Almost every document we touch in today’s modern workplace is printed, scanned, and searched for in and your color copier can facilitate and automate every step of this process.

If you’re still using your copier to simply print and scan documents kept in stationary file cabinets it may be a good idea to contact your copier service provider and schedule a meeting.

We’ll discuss how an upgraded color copying system can help improve your document workflow and lessen the amount of time your document spends searching for critical information. Contact us below to get started!

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