5 Questions To Ask Before You Buy A Used Copy Machine

There are many different options to consider once you decide to buy a copy machine. Amongst the questions you might ask is whether it makes more sense to buy copy machine or lease copy machine. Another key question is whether you are better served to look at a brand new copier or whether you should consider used copiers. I think that for many if not most companies that either is a viable option and you should probably consider both to determine the best scenario to fit your needs.

The obvious appeal in regards to a used copy machine is that you can generally acquire a lot faster, more feature rich machine for a lower price when compared to a brand new copier. Listed below are the 5 questions that you should ask to determine if a used copy machine is right for you.

  1. When considering a used copier I would ask how long and how effectively the service provider is able to support the used machine. I would suggest asking for a written commitment in regards to the length of time the copier service provider will provide a maintenance agreement. The ability to maintain ongoing maintenance support is a key factor regardless of which copy machine you choose.

  3. When considering a used copier ask what the per page cost is for the maintenance agreement. Most copier maintenance agreements are based on a cost per page formula i.e. each black print that you produce is billed at $.01 each and each color print is billed at $.06 each. When considering a used copy machine ask if the copier service provider is offering the same per page rates on the used machine as they would offer on a new machine. If you are paying less to acquire the used copier but paying more for the maintenance than the higher maintenance might offset the savings of the lower acquisition cost. Many copier providers offer the same pricing on both new and used copiers but it’s always a good idea to check.

  5. When considering a used copier I would ask for testimonials and references of other companies in your immediate area that have purchased the same used machine and I’d ask for permission to contact several of these companies to see how the machine has performed and what level of support they have received. If the reviews are positive you may well benefit from saving money with a used copy machine.

  7. When considering a used copier I would ask if leasing is still an option and I’d confirm whether you would receive the same lease rate and lease terms available on the used equipment as you would have available on new equipment. In the event that you prefer a shorter lease term a used machine can potentially afford you the ability to choose a shorter lease term at a lower cost due to the fact that the price/value of the used copy machine is less expensive.

  9. When considering a used copier I would ask if there is any potential to have additional accessories included without adding to the cost of the proposed machine. Often with used copy machines you can negotiate to have additional accessories added such as automatic stapling kits, hole punch kits, fax kits or additional paper drawers. One of the main benefits of buying or leasing a used copy machine is that you can often get these value added features without paying an additional cost.

In summary, I would always recommend reviewing a used copy machine as an option. If you receive positive feedback in response to the 5 questions outlined above than a used copy machine might prove to be the best choice for your business. After all, a copier simply needs to do the job and if you can get a system that will perform the same tasks at a lower price than this is something that I would strongly consider.