The move towards digital copiers has been immense in recent years. Analog copiers have steadily been phased out in favor of high-tech options. If you still have an analog copier for your business, you may be considering to upgrade it. There are plenty of great features on digital copiers that may persuade you.

Networking Capabilities

Analog-Vs-Digital-Copiers-common-sense-business-solutions-CADigital copiers have extensive networking capabilities, making them amazing for productivity in the office. You can connect multiple computers to your copier using wireless technology, making it simple to take advantage of great features such as collate, duplex, and staple without leaving your desk. Networking also makes it easier to scan files and save them in their proper place. Modern machines such as the Konica Minolta Bizhub 4050, also allow you to send faxes via the Internet, meaning no more tied up phone lines or obnoxious fax noises.

Multifunctional Machines

You probably gathered from the discussion of networking capabilities another important aspect of digital copiers: they are multifunctional. In addition they also act as printers, scanners, and fax machines. These capabilities are hugely beneficial to your productivity and your budget. Instead of purchasing multiple devices for different tasks, you can buy one machine. This means you’ll only have to pay for toner and maintenance on one machine. Also, you’ll only have to find space in your office for one device.

Fantastic Features

In addition to being multifunctional, digital copiers come with great features that make office life run smoothly. One major advantage of digital devices is the ability to scan a document once and print many copies. Most analog printers require you to scan each page of a document one at a time, then assemble your copies at the end. Digital copiers can scan an entire document, save the data on the hard drive, then produce multiple copies. To top it off, the copies can come out fully collated and assembled using staples or saddle stitching. You will also enjoy a digital copier’s ability to hold a variety of paper sizes and weights. Check out the fully loaded, Konica Minolta Bizhub 364 to see a machine that has all these features and more.

Image Quality

There is little doubt that digital copiers blow analog copiers out of the water when it comes to image quality. Everything from the type of toner used to the design of the machine itself allows digital copiers to produce crisp, clear images. Not to mention, digital copiers are far superior in their ability to enlarge or reduce images. Most people remember the grainy, smudged copies produced by analog copiers; copying text documents was bad enough, but copying photographs was even worse. If your business needs to produce professional, visually appealing projects, there’s no question that digital is a must.


Many businesses are starting to consider how their practices impact not only their budget, but also the environment. A move towards paperless business and a focus on low impact office equipment are goals that can be supported by digital copiers. For instance, the scanning and faxing features make it much easier to save and send information with less paper. Digital devices also tend to have energy saving features. In fact, Konica Minolta leads the industry in low-energy machines, more than earning their Energy Star Certification. Digital copiers are often partially made from recycled materials and utilize recycled toner cartridges, further reducing their environmental impact.

Most business owners would be wise to consider a digital upgrade for their next copier. Digital copiers surpass analog in their functionality, image quality, and environmental impact, all of which save you money and boost your productivity. Contact us today and enjoy the benefits!