Buy Local, Support Local Businesses

Over 70% of people and companies claim that they would prefer to support a local business if all else is equal. Sometimes people just aren’t aware of where to find local companies that provide all of the goods and services that they are looking for so they choose the path of least resistance and purchase what they need from a big box store.

I think we all take this route from time to time but it’s worth keeping in mind how beneficial it is to our local community when you support businesses that based right here at home. You help to create jobs, keep tax dollars in our local community and help to support community based programs.

Desktop laser printers and replacement printer toner cartridges are one commodity that is purchased repeatedly by almost every business in our local community. Nearly 90% of all desktop printers and replacement printer toner cartridges are purchased through big box stores. There are dozens of locally owned businesses that provide these same products often at lower prices than the big box stores.

Additionally, these local customers can offer added value by way of onsite service and support. Many office equipment companies based in our local community will not only offer you printers and printer cartridges at a lower price than big box stores, they will also provide free annual cleanings of your printers and free routine maintenance to help you achieve better performance and extend the life of your equipment.

Summary of reasons to purchase your printers and printer cartridges from a locally owned business:

  1. Supporting local businesses creates jobs and revenue that stays in our community
  2. Local businesses can often offer lower pricing than big box stores on printers and cartridges
  3. Local businesses often offer free annual printer maintenance in exchange for purchasing their printer cartridges and supplies.
  4. Local businesses will often offer free delivery and setup of your new printers. This eliminates the need of bringing the printer back to your office in the trunk of your car and trying to figure out how to set it up.
  5. Local businesses offer a single point of contact for your equipment, service and supply needs. Many local office equipment companies can provide all of your copiers, desktop printers, replacement cartridges and all from a single source. This eliminates the confusion of who to call for each different type of equipment in your office.

As illustrated in this blog there are many reasons to choose to Go Local and we encourage everyone to adopt an attitude of support in helping each other build and maintain our local community.