If the office space you occupy is small or you have a small home office and just don’t have the room to accommodate large office equipment then a small business copy machine might be ideal for you. This is the perfect way to create or maximize space in your business setting and still operate an efficient office.

Becoming increasingly popular with several small businesses across the country small business copy machines are known for reducing clutter which creates a more spacious, comfortable and organized work environment.

Small Business Copy Machines Help to Reduce Utility Costs

Small Business Copy MachineSince most of the small business copy machines manufactured today are multifunctional copiers they typically integrate the functions of several different machines into one device. As a result of this businesses are able to significantly reduce energy consumption which in turn reduces electricity costs.

By powering just one machine to execute various functions businesses can really scale down on the amount of power they consume. So why worry about high electricity bills at your business’ expense when you can consolidate tasks and save precious resources when you procure a small business copy machine?

Popular Small Business Copy Machines

Essentially small business copy machines are compact devices designed to deliver high quality documents in an efficient manner. They also enable small businesses to improve workflow and communication on a daily basis which in turn helps them to remain compatible, competitive and increase their business potential. Here are a few examples of exceptional small business copy machines that help small businesses stay up to par with modern working platforms. These include:

Konica Minolta Bizhub C3350 Color Copier Printer Scanner – Great for small offices this multi-functional can manage printing, copying and scanning at print speeds of 38 pages ppm in color or black and white. Additionally it has a paper capacity of 550 sheets and a 50-page automatic document feeder tray to easily manage documents. With versatility and speed this product is perfect for a small office with a mid-level printing or copying volume.


Konica Minolta Bizhub C3110 Color Copier Printer Scanner –

Suited for a small office with small to medium printing requirements the Konica Minolta Bizhub C3110  can also manage printing, copying and scanning with a copy speed of up to 32 ppm and scans at 31 ppm. 

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