Copier leasing offers a smart solution for saving money upfront, getting the best multifunctional printer technology available, and eliminating the risk of getting stuck with equipment longer than you need it. But did you know that leasing a copier also helps your business go paperless and save the environment?

The cost of copier leasing is already justified because it’s a tax boon and you don’t have to spend thousands to procure a printer, copier, and scanner. Throw in the added benefits of bringing your business fully into the digital age while also reducing waste, and copier leasing is a no-brainer.

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Copier Leasing

Switch to a Paperless Office

Simply out of habit, many offices grow accustomed to printing invoices, receipts, client files, and other documents that get stuffed away into a file cabinet. The ironic thing is that when you need to find that information later, you want to search for it on your computer anyway.

Many businesses that have been around a while have tons of old paper documents that aren’t even required to be kept. You could fill a room with all of it, but you don’t think about it because the waste has been spread across cabinets and shelves all over the office.

Go paperless easily with copier leasing. Scan and archive old papers, share documents wirelessly, and keep searchable PDFs so all data is just a quick search away.

The paperless office is the new normal. We’re not talking about strictly forbidding employees from printing things out. Typical steps for switching to a paperless office include:

  • Analyze your print usage to see what habits can be cut out. For example, are employees printing out documents to make notes with a pen when they could be using comments and track changes?
  • Digitize old records quickly by taking advantage of copier leasing to get a fast scanner. Unnecessary documents can then be shredded to save space.
  • Use apps for collaboration and file sharing to set a new standard procedure and get everyone on board.
  • Identify types of documents that must be printed so you don’t run afoul of compliance issues or alienate any clients or vendors.
  • Set goals for going paperless to give the team a timeline, track progress, and get excited about the improved efficiency and increased free space.
  • Hold meetings and training sessions so all employees feel empowered and understand the new procedures.

OCR Scanning for Searchable Text Documents

When choosing a copier lease, find a model with rich scan-to-PDF output options. If the scans come out as image files such as JPG, you will be able to search them. Optical character recognition (OCR) can read the print so you have searchable PDFs.

In fact, an entire file cabinet of records can be scanned, dozens or hundreds of pages at a time. Your staff can quickly digitize and go paperless without having to stand over the equipment the whole time!

You’ll always have the option to save images. However, you can also scan to Word and other formats. Handwritten marks such as signatures can get preserved as images within a PDF or Word doc.

Copier leasing can also give you wonderful features like easy file naming, saving to specific folders or drives, or saving to the cloud.

Copier Repair

Copier Leasing for a Green Office

Looking for more ways your business can go green? Common Sense Business Solutions always looks for environmentally friendly choices and technologies. We can conduct a customized review of your business processes to look for solutions that save energy and reduce your footprint.

As part of our green commitment, we:

  • Offer copier leasing of late-model, high-tech, guaranteed refurbished equipment
  • Proactively share solutions that reduce energy and paper waste
  • Help our customers monitor print demand and paper usage to identify ways to save
  • Provide green business tips that actually save money, rather than costing more
  • Use Konica Minolta printers and copiers, which are the greenest in the industry

Copier leasing gives you a leg up on your green initiative. Too many business printers get locked away in storage or sent to the landfill even though they have years of useful life remaining.

At Common Sense Business Solutions, we think it only makes sense to get the most out of office equipment. Yet we also know you want the latest technology. That’s why we carefully select excellent condition copiers, rigorously test them, and repair and refurbish them so they function just like new.

Refurbished copier leasing can save 50 percent compared to buying new, so you can allocate your budget to other ways to go green!

Eco-Friendly Konica Minolta Copiers

Green efforts have to start at the top. Are your major investments and product choices in line with an eco-friendly vision? Common Sense Business Solutions works with Konica Minolta for all our copier leasing and sales because they are the industry leaders in green products.

Feel good about copier leasing when you choose a Konica Minolta Bizhub multifunction printer. This brand has sincerely pledged to offer sustainable solutions:

  • Copiers made with the highest percentage of recycled materials
  • The easiest to recycle at the end of its life
  • Biggest energy savings throughout usage
  • Recyclable ink and toner cartridges
  • Eco Vision 2050 plan for 80-percent reduced carbon emissions
  • Green factory certified with green promotion for all their parts suppliers
  • Reduced packaging waste and a green distribution model

Copier Leasing Makes Common Sense

Whether you buy or lease a copier, you can achieve all these benefits: digitizing records to go paperless, sharing documents easily without wasting printed pages, and also enjoying a better multifunction printer for your business.

Copier leasing makes the most sense for many small businesses for several reasons:

  • Get the technology you want without breaking the bank
  • Exchange your copier easily in just a few years
  • Enjoy on-demand printer and copier repair from your service provider
  • Make low monthly payments that are tax-deductible as a business expense

Simply put, copier leasing gives you the power and flexibility to green with smart technology that benefits your business.

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