Konica Minolta: Security Solutions for the Healthcare Industry Common Sense Business Solutions Santa Rosa CAWith the all the latest trends and technological advancements entering the workplace, we field questions concerning data security and HIPPA compliance almost daily. Concerns regarding the use of the business copy machines to process sensitive data such as PHI (Protected Heath Information) is a hot topic and justifiably so. Especially after recent breaches in the health industry has resulted in millions of dollars in fines and penalties after finding PHI on unencrypted and unprotected business copier hard drives.

Konica Minolta: A Leader in Data Security

Konica Minolta’s standard equipment includes several different ways to protect data in the MFP’s hard drive. A common misconception is that the digital copy machine is storing every document copied, scanned or emailed by the machine. That may be true for other brands, but not for Konica Minolta. How it really works on a bizhub is every print, scan, copy and fax that is processed normally runs through the MFP’s volatile Random Access Memory (RAM). When the MFP is turned off, any remnants of a job processed in RAM are gone forever and cannot be brought back.

It may be important to mention that there are certain jobs that can be stored on the MFP’s hard drive. When using specific functions and features your documents will be stored and requires the end user to delete after use. Jobs that are scanned or printed to the BOX feature are held in the hard drive. These are documents printed using secure print, incoming faxes routed to a box and scanning or printing to a box. Documents cannot be stored unknowingly or by accident.
Understanding how the device is designed to protect documents may help bring you peace of mind. Konica Minolta’s hard drive protection consists of these Standard functions on current and recent models:

  • Color bizhubs come standard with a hard drive
  • Black and White MFP’s may have a hard drive
  • The HDD is protected against unauthorized access to its data using the methods listed:
  • HDD overwrite (HDD Sanitizing)
  • HDD Lock Password
  • HDD Encryption
  • Automatic Job Overwrite (Temporary Data Overwrite)
  • Automatic Deletion of Jobs Stored in an electronic USER BOX
  • The administrator if the device has the capability and flexibility to turn ON and OFF each function
  • The default settings for each is OFF

Konica Minolta has released a compressive white paper on the topic of security as it relates to their product. Within the white paper, you can learn more about the fundamentals of security and all the additional features that can be paired with your bizhub. Recently Konica Minolta introduced advanced security solutions for the Healthcare industry called bizhub SECURE Healthcare. It’s clear that meeting the challenges of patient confidentiality is demanding. Using high grade business equipment that helps meet your compliance needs will not only protect your data, but it will offer added benefits like improved workflow and minimize the cost of doing business. In conjunction with bizhub SECURE Healthcare protection, you can rest assure that your MFP has lock-down protection — powerful password and data security measures to safeguard ePHI (electronic Protected Health Information) and guard against unauthorized disclosure.

  • bizhub SECURE Healthcare enables a valuable set of bizhub MFP security enhancements that can be activated by your Konica Minolta field engineer
  • Creation of a 20-digit secure alphanumeric password to lock down your bizhub hard disk drive
  • Encrypts the entire contents of your bizhub HDD for exceptional data security
  • Eliminates any trace of data even after it’s been deleted with Temporary Data Overwrite (Temporary Data Overwrite conforms to DOD methods)
  • Sets a  timer for your bizhub MFP to auto-overwrite any document images located in personal or public User Boxes, System User Boxes, Secure Print Boxes, and Folders
    Disables unwanted services, protocols and ports at the MFP
    Enables SSL (Self Sign Certificate) on the MFP