Transcript – Stephen Imboden – CPA

Hi. My name is Stephen Imboden. I’m a CPA here in Santa Rosa, California, and I was recently in need of replacing an old, outdated copy machine that I have here in my office. A good friend of mine recommended Common Sense Business Solutions to me. And I must say, I’m really glad he did.

I called them, Ross came out to my office. He looked at my old equipment. He talked to me about what my needs were, and he was very quickly able to analyze the situation and provide me with three specific options that were available to me. I easily selected one of them and I must say that within a week the equipment was installed in my office. My staff and myself had been completely trained on the equipment and the entire process was painless and easy.

I must say that after 35 years in business and working with a lot of different vendors, my experience with Common Sense Business Solutions was at or near the very top. I can’t recommend them enough.