Copier Service Companies often talk about their ability to respond to service repair calls rather than focusing on reducing the number of calls. This is a key variable in the different types of support that a company can potentially receive from two different service vendors in the same area. Company ‘A’ may have a philosophy of service repair and Company ‘B’ may have a philosophy of service maintenance. The truth is that it is more important for a Copier Service Company to help prevent these repair calls by implementing a regular maintenance strategy with its customers.

3 Key Areas of Improving Copier Performance by Providing Preventative Copier MaintenancePreventative-Copier-Maintenance-Konica-Minolta-Common-Sense-Business-Solutions-Santa-Rosa-CA

1)Regularly Scheduled Service Visits – It is critical that a Copier Service Company responds quickly to repair requests however, it is equally important that the likelihood for emergency service is minimized by proactively scheduling and performing routine service and support visits. During these visits the service provider can provide cleaning, adjustments and check consumable levels all of which will add to minimizing potential failure leading to emergency service incidents.

2)Firmware Updates – Effective service is based in no small part by properly monitoring and maintaining the physical parts and components that make up the copier. In today’s digital, high technological world the non-tangible elements of a copier can be equally important. In order for a business copier to perform effectively over the years and interact with the customers’ computers, it is critical that firmware is routinely updated. This ensures continued compatibility with the computers, software and systems with which the multifunctional copier needs to interact with.

3)Maintaining extra supplies at the customer’s office – One key to ongoing, uninterrupted copier performance is making sure that the customer has an adequate supply of ‘frequently used’ supplies at their office. I think it is important to choose a copier service company that will offer to maintain a backup supply of all necessary toner cartridges and waste toner boxes at the customer’s location.

Over the many years that I’ve been in the copier industry, I’ve heard many potential customers voice the credo, that if the copier that’s being offered is of good quality then service shouldn’t be that big of a factor. My response is that regardless of performance any and every copier is going to be in frequent need of copier service and support, and without great support a copier’s productivity is going to suffer. Even if a copier never had a single malfunction which would be rare, you can still expect the ongoing need to adjust, clean and replace consumable components that wear out over the course of time. It doesn’t require a malfunction to require a service request. Every so many copies that are produced, feed rollers, separator pads, drums, developer, fuser units, transfer belts and waste toner boxes need to be replaced. A reasonable expectation is that every copier will require periodic service and support during it’s useful life, and the quality and level of the support provided by your copier service provider will play a HUGE role in the level of satisfaction you experience. So contact us and take advantage of our professional maintenance support.