There are few business equipment acquisitions that can stir more debate and ire than choosing a copy machine

We all know that a copier is an absolute essential for any business or office. Especially today with the advent of efficient and affordable “all-in-one” printers that serve multiple uses as a printer, copier, scanner and often a fax machine.

But the big question for many smaller businesses and organizations is whether a small office copy machine is sufficient for their needs?

When It Comes to Copy Machines, Does Size Really Matter?

Young woman working in home office Remember the good ol’ days of monolithic photocopiers? You know – that massive block of machinery that took up twenty square feet of space and provided hours of frustration with paper jams and other assorted malfunctions.

We’ve evolved far beyond those times when you could crank out slightly blurry and smelly copies of book pages at the library for five cents a copy. Now you can sit at a state-of-the-art PC or Mac and produce beautiful, flawless copies from a compact printer tucked away somewhere on the other side of the room. 

There was a time not that long ago when a typical office had a massive copy machine, a few dot matrix printers or maybe an inkjet printer, and the venerable fax machine. And all of these took up space on counters and the office floor, along with storage space for all their own supplies such as toner and ink cartridges, stacks of paper, and a few spare parts or components. 

A lot has changed since the last century!

Today, an amazing transformation has occurred in both the capabilities and size of our office machines. 

The rapid development of multifunction printers, or all-in-one machines, has brought us to a place where these devices are both compact and affordable for most any business or even home office. 

Not only can we have our copier, printer and fax machine all bundled into one device, but we also get a scanner in the deal! And the overall size of these often wireless devices has been scaled down to something smaller than a large briefcase. In other words, size is not necessarily a critical factor.

How to Select the Right Small Office Copy Machine

While any copier sales representative would be happy to help you make a purchasing or leasing choice, there is much to be said for thinking through the process yourself. 

No one knows your office’s particular needs, issues and limitations better than you do. No one knows what the probable growth and future of your business looks like better than you do. And, while enlisting the knowledgeable and expert advice of a reputable sales rep is a good idea, there is quite a bit you can do first towards selecting the right small office copy machine for your company.

Copier Repair

With that in mind, here is an illustrated guide to walk you through the process:

Why Small Can Be Better

It is certainly true that many businesses have quite extensive and high-volume copying and printing needs. And it’s true that these requirements can exceed the capabilities of small office copy machines. No worries! There are plenty of models that can manage the needs of any office and organization.

But, unlike the old days, a small office is not limited to buying or leasing a large machine.

In fact, smaller machines are more cost-effective, conserve space, and usually require a lower capital expense to acquire. And portability and ease of access are also benefits of opting for a smaller machine. Moving things around when remodeling or re-arranging your office space is far easier with fewer and smaller office equipment to deal with.

So, are we saying that small offices always have to have small copy machines?

Not really, but more often than not, it tends to be the case. And even large businesses with multiple offices and extensive facilities will find that having numbers of smaller machines along with one or two large, high-capacity machines is far more suitable than everyone using the few large ones for everything. 

Getting Help With Your Small Office Copy Machine Selection

If you’re currently in the market for a new (or professionally refurbished) copy machine, let the friendly and knowledgeable experts at Common Sense Business Solutions help.

As a locally owned and operated office equipment dealership, our primary goal is to create lasting relationships with our neighbors and business partners in Sonoma County. And we are committed to doing so while making a positive impact on our community and environment.

We always strive to leverage our experience to provide personalized, detailed evaluations that can help you save money while implementing the most efficient solutions to meet your individual and business needs.